FAQs | First Loans

We hope you have gotten a complete understanding of this process and how Cash Doorstep loans and First Loans works. We've put together some of the main questions that our clients have had for your benefit.

You basically need to be 18 years old and have a citizenship of UK. An active bank account is also necessary. We might ask you for paperwork. Please be sure to have this ready in case we need it.
We do not believe in checking your Credit History. Instead we check you current financial standing. We are honestly not too concerned with you history as long as you are trying to improve it now. We just need to make sure that we have all the information necessary to understand your current financial status.
We will not be the ones to make this decision for you. Honestly, you can use it for anything you possibly need. You know your requirements the best. We are certain you will make the right decision. You do not need to particularly tell us what you need the loan for. We also do not give you the loan faster, or give you a bigger loan depending on what it's needed for.
We've done everything we can to make this process extremely simple. All you have to do is fill in the form that we have on our website. Once you have done so, you will hear back from our agents as soon as possible. When you are approved, our agents will come to your very home and drop off the money for your convenience. You might be asked to share certain information with us such as proof of age and bank details. But besides that's we will not require anything.
Absolutely nothing! This information stays with us. It is confidential, secured and protected. It is only shared with us to move the process along faster.