What To Expect As A Borrower

Remember, our service is completely free to use. Do not expect a random service charge. We are also completely transparent with the way we work. There will be no hidden fees or agendas that you need to be afraid of!

Applying and being approved for a regular bank loan is often difficult and time consuming. It also depends on whether the relevant authorities believe that you are the right candidate to receive this loan. There are several reasons due to which a person might be considered "ill-suited" to receive a loan. This usually includes issues from the past such as CCJ, Bankruptcy, bad credit, arrear and so on so forth.

We suggest that you complete the super simple form that we have on our website. Soon an agent will get in touch with you.

We are willing to lend you any amount between £100 and £5,000. Once you have been approved, we can send out an agent almost immediately with the cash in their very hands.

Please be sure that you are above the age of 18 years. Also you will need to be a citizen of the UK. Paperwork might be asked for and will need to be provided. Lastly, it is important that you have a working and current bank account.

Interest rates are usually very high for loans that are unsecured. We have done our very best to make sure that you do not have to over pay and are do not have any more financial strains. We have made sure that all our rates are competitive, and have ascertained that our process is extremely simple. Everything is easy to navigate so that you are able to get a response as soon as possible.

We completely understand that certain situations might be urgent. Hence, we have made sure that the process is direct and easy. We want to get you the money sooner rather than later. Feel free to let our agents know if you need the money on an urgent basis so they can help you out as fast as possible.